Pricing for Access: Topknot’s Approach

Photo by Raphael Rychetsky.

I went to a university where the cost of room and board was a set price for all students. Everyone had access to the basic necessities that would allow them to thrive on campus (including generous need- and merit-based scholarships). This policy may appear trivial, even unfair. You didn’t get what you paid for. Whether you were in a single or a triple, or had an omelette or a quick slice of toast, the cost of living on campus was the same. But, with those safeguards in place, the policy was an everyday equalizer which profoundly impacted my college experience.

To start, I knew nothing about someone’s financial situation based on their housing. There were no fancy, on-campus apartments; no one could pay more to get a single; social clubs didn’t have special housing. Additionally, if I met someone new and we wanted to grab lunch, there was never a conversation about whether they had enough points or dollars to do so. By virtue of living on campus, I knew that we would be able to enjoy a meal together.

My peers might not have given much thought to the subtleties of the policy at the time, but the benefits were ever-present. Our exposure to the diverse lived-experiences of our classmates accounted for our collective growth. And in turn the university is perennial at the top of college rankings for both quality of life and most race/class interaction among students. The lesson? Intentionality in pricing matters.

How pricing works on Topknot

Topknot brings approachable, accessible coaching and community to every woman. Key to achieving this mission is creating an affordable, high-quality program. Coaching may be the tactic, but community is the heartbeat and the glue. At Topknot, we believe individual growth is enhanced through processing with others, especially those who bring new perspectives. We’re not alone in this assessment; there’s a significant body of research that shows diverse teams perform better. But cost is often what precludes access, both to coaching and networks, so we’ve addressed that head on. This week we updated our pricing, which continues to reflect our company’s pillars and our long-held values.

It’s been our goal from the beginning to make coaching accessible for all those who need it. Through technology and learning-focused community, we’ve been able to bring the cost down from an average of $200/session to a fraction of that per month.

Our pricing model asks members to evaluate their current and historical financial privilege to determine their price. We have three pricing tiers — Full, Reduced, and Solidarity — ranging from $1 per day to $1 per month. There’s no hoops to jump through or forms to fill out; there’s dignity in trusting in our community’s integrity. Together, we ensure that every woman has access to the resources, mindsets, and community they need to reach their full potential.

Importantly, we hope that our community will freely share Topknot with those who are looking for support and growth, knowing that cost isn’t a barrier. With that in mind, we’d love for you to share Topknot with three women in your life so that we may support them to realize what they want to be true for themselves.

Equity is a pillar of Topknot. Read more about Topknot’s commitment to equity in fundraising here.




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Figure out what you *actually* want. Join our personal development club — your 1st month of membership is FREE. Start today.

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